Security Integration Software

PDP offers consultancy and project management services to corporate organisations and Governments that wish to bring together disparate systems into one unified front end. With experience of understanding large, complex integrated security systems, we can provide scalable security management systems compromising of the latest cutting edge technology interfaces and offering defined return on investment.

We provide security integration software solutions that gives the option to host all common data, to all applications, through one database; bringing together buildings, locations, access rights, people and workflows.

    • CCTV
    • Media Wall Management
    • Alarm Handling
    • Incident Reporting
    • Guard Tour
    • Dispatch
    • Check Call
    • Asset Management

By implementing security integration software, our clients can create a security application platform that is structured around a series of modules that may act independently or together in a uniformed manner to deliver all the requirements of security control rooms and alarm receiving centres.

To discuss the integration software possibilities for your organisation Contact PDP.