Window Security

PDP provides protection solutions and advice on a wide range of window security systems where there is a need to preserve the benefits of the windows, whilst ensuring high levels of security.

Window Security Grilles

Window security grilles are ideally suited to protect companies, organisations and authorities from malicious assault.

PDP can source and install retractable window security grilles specially developed and tested to British Government specifications and certified by the Loss Prevention Council – LPS 1175 Level 3, capable of resisting attack from an axe or bolt cutters. Window grilles installed to this level of protection also have been shown in bomb blast tests to lose none of their security properties and even open after the bomb blast allowing escaping.

With a range of powder-coated finished and sleek, unobtrusive appearance, PDP can source, install window security grilles at any location worldwide.

Security Shutters

Perfectly suited to shops and other premises with large ‘display windows’, security shutters offer an all-round security solution that not only resists intrusion but can disguise goods and products on display reducing the incentive to attack the premises.

Security shutters will normally be powered by electric motor but can be manually operated if required. They can be remote control or hard wired and controlled individually or in groups. High-security key switch models are available in a range of materials.

PDP Security can survey your buildings and then source and install the most suitable security shutters for your premises. Our expert team will guide you to the solution that’s best for the level of security required and budget.


Security Window Film

Security window film is a great solution for clients that want to make windows more secure, but don’t wish to add bars, shutters or other more obvious security measures. It can offer discreet and effective additional protection.

The film is specially designed to hold the glass together if broken and will dramatically slow down an intrusion attempt. Security window film is available in both clear and reflective finishes, and a range of thicknesses for enhanced resistance to attack.

Anti Vandal Screening Mesh

Capable of resisting penetration by anything from bricks and stones to small projectiles such as air gun pellets, anti-vandal screening is a fine framed mesh attached to the outside of a window.

From a distance, the mesh resembles tinted glass, and offers discreet but effective security and enhanced privacy whilst visibility from inside is unhindered. Both the mesh and the reinforced aluminium surrounds can be supplied in a range of powder-coated colours (although we often recommend black mesh for its privacy value).

To discuss window protection and security at your premises Contact PDP.