Security Doors

PDP are experts in assessing buildings and secure environments to provide advice and construction services for secure access.

Security doors are a major part of any secure environment, so PDP has undertaken extensive research into industry best practice, recognised worldwide standards, whilst retaining solutions that fit within the security budget of most build projects.

Steel Doors

Constructed from toughened steel for the ultimate in external door security, reinforced steel security doors can be constructed to resist fire, ballistic and blast attacks, depending on the nature of specific client requirements.

PDP can source and install steel doors that are certified by the Loss Prevention Council to be capable of resisting to the highest level of physical attack – LPS 1175, Level 6. Steel security doors can be configured with a range of different locking mechanisms and can be designed to blend in or stand out as depending on the environment and site requirements.

Timber Doors

Timber security doors are designed specifically for internal use where the secure partition of two areas is critical. These doors are ideal for staff and customer partitions, or for creating a “safe room” within a building. Like the steel doors, the timber security doors can be sourced and configured by PDP with a range of locking mechanisms, and can be reinforced to resist ballistic attack if required.

We have specified and installed security doors in the following locations:

    • Offices
    • Schools
    • Restaurants
    • Warehouses
    • Factories
    • Superstores
    • Shopping Centres
    • Petrol Stations
    • Railway Stations
    • Airports
    • Banks and Building Societies
    • Government Buildings
    • Military Sites

To discuss any building or refurbishment projects requiring security doors Contact PDP.