Strong Rooms, Security Cages and Enclosures

If your premises are a potential target for criminal attack, adequate physical protection will be required. PDP advises on the procurement, project management and installation of a range of secure enclosures.

Secure Enclosures

Secure enclosures are typically stand-alone structures that add an additional layer of security for cash machines, sensitive materials and storage of valuables. PDP Security can source a range of rapid-build secure enclosures and security cages designed to meet your specific security requirements at various sites such as:

    • Valuable goods storage
    • Bonded warehouses
    • Airport, military and Government installations
    • Banks
    • Retail premises


Security Cages

Built often as a standalone area, or a segregated area within a wider secure area, cages can be constructed to varying levels of protection.
PDP Security can specify, supply and install a variety of fully certified security cage systems. Usually built from steel mesh, a security cage is most commonly installed as a modular design which allows for maximum flexibility and enhanced security in a wide range of applications.

Server Enclosures

Robust server enclosures form a vital component of any information security management programme. Server enclosures often have a higher level of security built into the design to protect mission critical equipment used in applications such as central monitoring stations and data communication hubs.

PDP can source cage enclosure systems that offer defence against bolt croppers to provide added protection against even the most robust assault. Such cage systems still allow visual monitoring of the protected contents at all times. Using a modular construction technique, PDP Security can create server enclosures to almost any dimensional configuration, adaptable to meet your exact requirements

Strong Rooms

Creating a strong room is like building a safe into the integral construction of your building.

A strong room is ideal for protecting contents from theft, fire, unauthorised access and natural disasters using reinforced walls, floors and ceilings and featuring advanced locking mechanisms designed to meet your requirements.

Secure Speech Rooms

PDPs range of modular secure speech rooms offer a unique solution to the growing need for private and confidential acoustic environments within the commercial and public sectors.

Typically these rooms are used within any environment where a meeting / conversation needs to remain private and where eavesdropping or leakage of information could be detrimental to an organisation.
Our rooms fall into two main categories:

    • CONFIDENTIAL SECURITY – This degree of privacy is achieved when an outside listener will NOT be able to understand conversations within the room even when making a deliberate attempt to monitor the conversation.
    • PRIVATE SECURITY – This degree of privacy is achieved when an outside listener will NOT be able to understand conversations within the room when NOT making a deliberate attempt to do so. The talker may be heard, but is not understood.

PDP also offer complete RF shielding to its modular enclosures to ensure complete eavesdropping security.

To discuss any projects requiring secure enclosures or security cages Contact PDP.