Perimeter Fencing, Security Gates & Vehicle Barriers

Perimeter security is the first line of defence for most locations. PDP has long experience of conducting security reviews and advising on physical security measures at locations all over the world.

Not only do we advise on the best options for securing your locations, but PDP can also provide perimeter security solutions in terms of procurement, project management and installation services.


Perimeter fence security is the first line of defence for many locations, including industrial and commercial sites, agricultural properties and other situations where visual patrol of the entire perimeter is difficult. PDP can source specialised secure fencing that is designed to offer the highest levels of perimeter security, including palisade fencing and anti-terrorism “taut wire” fencing.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing is the most popular and cost effective system used in perimeter fencing today and is available in heights from 1.8m to 3.0m. There is a choice of pale heads / toppings: Rounded & Notched, or the most popular due to its intimidating appearance; Triple Pointed & Splayed. Available in galvanised finish or additionally a polyester powder coating can be applied to match your livery or simply blend into the background.

High Security Fencing

PDP are at the forefront of advising and supplying anti-terrorist (Taut Wire) perimeter fencing security solutions to protect vulnerable areas in worldwide locations. All of the systems we recommend have undergone rigorous high impact testing to ensure their effectiveness as anti-terrorist solutions.

High Security Fencing Solutions:

    • Class 2/3 welded mesh fencing
    • Anti-intruder chain link fencing
    • Electric fencing
    • Alarm fencing
    • Anti-Terrorist Perimeter Fencing
    • Intruder Detection Systems



Adequate access control is essential for all entrance and exit points to any site protected by perimeter security measures.

Security Gates

Whether the access point requires a simple, manually operated security gate only used a few times a day, or a completely automated sliding gate system used continuously, PDP can advise on the most secure options for vehicle and pedestrian access.

Security Gate Options:

    • Hinged / Swing Gates
    • Cantilevered and tracked sliding gates
    • Rising arm barriers
    • Speed gates
    • Telescopic and bi-folding gates

PDP can provide a comprehensive range of access control solutions to integrate into all security fencing installations and compliment the most complicated security systems.

Anti Ram Raid Gates

Anti Ram Raid Gates are constructed from galvanised steel box sections and pillars. The robust integrity of the construction and its anchoring allows for great resistance from a ram raid both externally and internally. These gates are particularly useful to prevent attacks on roller shutter doors. The gates prevent breaches on roller shutters when located behind the shutters by preventing entry by ramming, jacking open and attacks with angle grinders.



In many locations the restriction of vehicle access whilst allowing pedestrians to pass through will be desirable. PDP can advise on the most suitable forms of access restriction dependant on the location and level of security risk.

Security Bollards

Fixed Bollards create an obstacle to vehicles without restricting pedestrian traffic. Rising Bollards afford the same protection to vulnerable areas as the fixed bollard with the facility to be lowered for authorised vehicle or equipment access. Rising bollards are perfect for preventing unauthorised access even by large and robust vehicles. Where ascetics and appearance is important, we can specify coloured or stainless steel bollards or bollards incorporating branding or design themes.

Blockers and Rising Kerbs

In a similar way to the rising bollard, blockers and rising kerbs are equally effective in the control of entry by vehicles but they are more suited to restricting heavy duty commercial vehicles from restricted areas such as airports and embassies.

PDP not only offers consultation on access restriction and security bollard projects but we can project manage the whole installation process in locations worldwide.


PDP has access to engineering and installation teams who are supported by highly experienced civil works teams to provide all of the necessary enabling works prior to any security installation. We can provide services to include:

    • Excavations
    • Concrete ground beams
    • Guard patrol footpaths
    • ‘Sterile strips’ around the perimeter
    • Below-ground ducting for cabling
    • Camera bases
    • Anti-burrow beams
    • Gate and turnstile bases
    • Blast walls
    • Street works – paving, kerbing and surfacing

To discuss any projects requiring perimeter fencing, security gates or barriers Contact PDP.