Rapid Deployment Perimeter Security

PDP assist organisations and governments who require effective force protection. These scenarios require the timely detection and verification of threats. Force protection kits combine power-efficient unattended ground sensor (UGS) networks and surveillance integration hubs with specialist cameras for monitoring and securing wide-areas, remote assets and extended perimeters.

Multiple deployment scenarios and options
Sensor nodes, external trigger inputs, integration hubs and cameras can be combined and reconfigured in order to perform various operational roles, from monitoring vulnerable open ground to base perimeter protection.


Man portable with plug-and-play simplicity
Covert sensor nodes with a unique rapid deployment design, combined with surveillance integration hubs for simple connectivity of sensors, cameras and comms.

Rapidly deployable autonomous sensors
Innovative power-efficient wireless sensor platform with self-forming and self-healing operation and the option to deploy seismic sensors or connect up external sensors.

Power-efficient for extended deployments
Ultra low-power sensor nodes with integral batteries and exceptional power-optimisation of edge devices allow for extended deployments with minimal in-field servicing.

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