Panic Room Connectivity

All panic rooms allow for various levels of connectivity to suit all threat levels, circumstances and budgets.


The most basic form of communicating from a panic room is by mobile phone. Normally we will build in a connection to the home or office alarm system that can be activated through a ‘panic button’ from within the locked environment.


To ensure internet connectivity we can install ISDN lines or 3G/4G receivers that can be connected typically to communications devices, such as an iPad. This allows for extra reassurance of maintaining external contact and connections to other devices such as security cameras and monitoring systems.


For total peace of mind we can provide bespoke computer based systems that have resilient connections to remote third party monitoring services. Such systems can also drive complementary devices such as automatic doors and barriers, smoke screens, CCTV or indeed manage the entire security system for the wider environment.

To discuss your panic room connectivity requirements Contact PDP.