The Bespoke Panic Room

A Panic Room needs to provide total assurance that there is a safe haven and protection against kidnapping, criminal assault or even terrorist activity. PDP has long experience of advising individuals and organisations around the world on every detail regarding panic room construction.

PDP Security offers a huge choice of protection, ranging from a simple room with a reinforced door, to an elaborate “fortress” – capable of protecting you, your family or staff against biological and even nuclear attack. A bespoke panic room can be equipped with the very latest in digital surveillance and communication, air circulation and self-contained power.

Ensuring that you are properly protected against all likely forms of threat requires a detailed analysis by a highly experienced firm of industry experts. We work with clients to provide bespoke panic room retreats appropriate to the worldwide location, local security needs, risk and budget.

To discuss your requirements for a bespoke panic room Contact PDP.