CCTV Security Systems

PDP assists corporate organisations, Government bodies and high net worth individuals who require third party input in selecting, procuring and project managing the installation of integrated CCTV security systems worldwide.

An effective CCTV system will have a meticulously planned camera network and a well designed integrated monitoring system with suitable access and storage capacity. Video analytics is becoming more important in order to allow operators to be alerted automatically if incidents arise. We also take into consideration the need for instant access, live playback and network sharing of surveillance footage.

Selecting the right CCTV system can be a daunting task. PDP’s consultants can assist by identifying your requirements and looking at specific considerations such as; area of coverage, camera density, storage of footage, fixed aspect cameras or remote operation pan and zoom, hidden or overt camera housings, night vision requirements as well as specialist requirements such as facial recognition or licence plate recognition.

With vast experience of the procurement and installation of CCTV security systems, PDP can work with internal ICT teams and external integrators to provide cutting edge monitoring solutions.

PDP can advise on the following CCTV projects:

    • Single Fixed Camera Systems
    • Multi-user / Multi-site Systems
    • Integrated IP Systems
    • Monitoring and Command Centres
    • Single Areas EG. Car Parks
    • Footfall and Flow Monitoring
    • Networked Storage and Review
    • Mobile and Body Worn Systems

To discuss your project and CCTV security systems requirements Contact PDP.