Security Consultancy from PDP

PDP has unparalleled security knowledge based on a unique blend of practical management and security consultancy experience. This knowledge is accompanied by extensive research data that has been gathered over many years on security threats and the most effective ways to tackle them.

With a shifting picture of operational demands and risks it can be difficult to complete a detailed, completely objective, evaluation of current security practices from within the organisation. Failure to address security risks can prove to be damaging and costly. PDP works collaboratively with clients so they may understand the full extent of any security risks to their organisation, and then develop appropriate solutions and plans to mitigate them.



Security Review

A Security Review Service is offered by PDP to help clients identify risks and provide the necessary security improvements to ensure the clients security objectives are met.

How does it work?

A highly experienced member of the PDP Security Consultancy Team will work with you to carry out a full and detailed assessment of your current practices is carried out based on a number of criteria that have been identified as key to effective security within your organisation. We will examine security programs, policies, procedures, processes, technology and training.

What are the benefits?

The PDP Security Review provides comprehensive information and recommendations on all aspects of security including access control, information security, use of technology, security personnel, staff awareness and training. Its scope and format facilitate a fast track to:

  • 100% certainty that you are doing everything possible to protect your organisation.
  • Minimising risk of major loss or incident, damage to reputation, regular minor security breaches.
  • An action plan completely in tune with your organisation and available resources.
  • Confidence that you are meeting regulatory requirements relating to public and staff safety including corporate manslaughter legislation.
  • Making cost savings while using manpower and technology as effectively as possible.
  • Gaining invaluable insights into how evolving situations impact in the future.
  • Gain compelling data for board level decisions on future action, including all benefits and cost savings.

PDP will deliver a set of easy to follow recommendations on how security can be improved, what the benefits will be including cost savings and provide recommendation for implementation.

Whether you are looking at a full scale security review or require assistance with elements of your current security programme, PDP’s Security Consultancy Team can assist. To discuss your requirements Contact PDP.