Blast Containment

Removal and isolation of suspicious packages is critical in a threat situation. Blast containment vessels enhance public safety from terrorist bombs and other potentially explosive incidents. They can be deployed at many public places including airports, train stations, sports stadiums and shopping precincts to mitigate the explosion aftermath.

During every explosion there is heat, energy and pressure, independently and collectively they can deliver a blow with irreparable damage. History has confirmed that litterbins easily conceal explosive devices and during an explosion the bin intensifies the terrorist attack by creating secondary fragmentation spraying at a high velocity over great distances. Blast containment bins offers a secure alternative to a standard litterbin with a range of security benefits.
Other Uses for Blast Containment Vessels:

    • The safe removal of suspicious devices by the security services
    • The protection of civilians and a reduction of peripheral building damage caused by explosive devices.
    • The safe transportation of high capacity explosives by road, rail and sea.
    • Bombproof civilian litterbins.
    • Removal and safe detonation of land mines and Anti Tank mines by the military.

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