Security Blast Blinds

If your premises are a potential target for terrorist attack, adequate blast protection should be installed.

Security blast blinds look just like normal blinds but offer vital additional protection. Each vertical blade is made from a reinforced steel rod structure (surrounded by an attractive outer that means your blinds will not look out of place).

Coupled with a patented locking mechanism, the blinds form an impenetrable steel barrier offering the highest levels of blast protection.
Security blast blinds offer:

    • Security against break-ins
    • Bomb blast protection
    • Protection for personnel, property and assets
    • Strong aesthetic appeal
    • Long warranty periods – typically 10 years
    • Accredited security standards of design and testing
The blast blinds that PDP will typically recommend comply with the exacting security standards set by the UK Home Office and UK ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) and US Standards.

To discuss blast protection and potential blast blinds requirements for any of your locations Contact PDP.