Body Armour and Personal Ballistic Protection

PDP’s consultants have vast experience of assessing personal defence products and managing their supply to military, government and civilian organisations around the world. We draw on the latest technology and worldwide best practice brought together by real ‘on the ground’ experience. By assessing a client’s operations, individuals and local risks our aim is to provide clear advice on suitable body armour products and their best deployment to maximise safety.

PDP’s clients include: military and special forces, Government agencies, police and enforcement bodies, media and press agencies, security companies, maritime security, corporate organisations, NGO’s, charities as well as private individuals.
Items of Personal Protection:

    • Ballistic body armour
    • Ballistics vest
    • Ballistic shield
    • Ballistic mask
    • Ballistic helmet
Ballistic Body Protection
It is important to note that we are independent consultants, not tied to any particular manufacturers of personal protective products. Any body armour products that we shortlist for clients will be certified to and exceed the standards of the main US and UK body armour and ballistic advisory bodies. These are the UK’s Home Office Scientific Development Branch and US’s National Institute of Justice who are acknowledged worldwide as the authorities in ballistic protection standards.

To discuss your requirements for personal protection and body armour, Contact PDP.