PDP's Approach to Security Consulting

Comprehensive security solutions are vital to individuals, to business, to Governments and to nations for the protection of people and infrastructure against terrorism, sabotage and crime.

So what does a colour cable have to do with security anyway? Strange as it may seem, it actually represents our unique approach and what makes us different.

While others may focus on a particular security function, such as CCTV, systems, security doors or the like, we prefer to deeply understand the specific client needs. Then use this depth to design and implement a unique, appropriate and highly effective solution that precisely meets the needs of the client.

Often this means we may recommend solutions that may make us less money – but we are absolutely focussed on getting the right solution for our clients. And it is this approach that helps make us a little bit different from others and also quite successful.

The PDP Project Process


Rather than just choose a CCTV system, or a security door or a particular access system, we think you would be better advised to consult with PDP and let us recommend the right combination of security functions based on your needs and objectives. Our expertise tells us that it is only with the effective integration of selected security functions can you be sure of the result. Then PDP will deliver, install, train and support you right from the start, giving you the best possible outcome.

And if that means less profit for us, so be it. We always price fairly and transparently, so there will be no surprises with us. Might this be better than trying to design and implement a solution from various suppliers, all anxious to maximise their income with their particular piece of the solution?

With in-depth technical security knowledge and far reaching operational experience, PDP have the security consulting experience to provide the right solutions.

Our unique international experience has equipped us with the insight; knowledge and expertise to evolve the ideal security solution proactively and successfully.

Our expertise in understanding the nature of our clients risk in a global context makes us a valued partner of choice.

Whether you are at the planning, specification or implementation stage of your physical security project PDP can help you achieve your goals and fulfil your security requirements.

Your security is too important to be left a moment longer.

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