Some PDP Clients

Sometimes, you can tell the type of organisation by the company it keeps. We are exceptionally proud of every single one of our clients. However, due to the sensitive and confidential nature of our business, we are usually not at liberty to reveal as much as we could about who they are and what we actually do for them.
So, we have selected some recent examples of our clients by sector and type of solution to give you a flavour of the PDP difference. Please click on the links below to see more.

RETAIL : Argos

Argos, a key part of Home Retail Group PLC, wished to merge operations between Argos and the newly acquired Homebase Distribution Centre in Wellingborough. They were concerned about a series of potential security issues around the site and the risk it presented to the business.

PDP devised a comprehensive solution to secure the site with a physical solution comprising renewed perimeter fencing, security doors, and effective vehicle and pedestrian access and management systems.

The solution was implemented to time and budget and the client has been pleased with the outcome and lack of issues arising.

“PDP are Digital Barriers and Home Retail Groups supplier of choice for all our physical security needs. In recent projects, PDP’s efficient, reliable and professional service has helped ensure a robust and cost effective solution, delivered on-time and within budget. I would be more than happy to recommend their service to anyone with a physical security requirement”.
Ian Taylor, Operations Director, Digital Barriers. Argos supplier

RETAIL : Home Retail Group

Argos were concerned that they were experiencing a number of thefts and break ins due to poorly maintained fire exit and staff access doors.
PDP devised and recommended a bespoke Fire Exit and Personnel door designed and constructed to provide exceptional levels of security without compromising store operations. 450 units were installed across 162 stores many comprising unique sizes and dimensions.
The outcome has impressed the client with no break ins despite numerous attempts.

“PDP worked with Argos to design, manufacture and install over 300 replacement fire and security doors to c 100 Argos stores. The project significantly reduced the threat of crime against Argos and has saved the business millions of pounds”.
Adrian Sherry, Solutions Manager, Profit Protection, Argos

RETAIL : Ideal World

This leading online and direct shopping client serves customers ordering diverse household and personal goods often via shopping channels and catalogues. They were concerned that theirs method of controlling the rapid flow of valuable and personal goods through their distribution process led to opportunities for loss and theft at various stages of the fulfilment process.

PDP devised and implemented a highly effective and integrated solution comprising access control, CCTV, attendance logs, reformat of the site, search regimes, random checks and controlled vehicle access amongst many measures.

The outcome is that the client has seen a marked reduction in the opportunity for theft and shrinkage all contributing to profit protection.


PDP often works with high net worth individuals and exclusive residence developers concerned with assuring their families receive the protection they need from attack and intruders.

A recent client was surprised to see that a penetration test revealed serious weaknesses in their current CCTV solution. Another, was alarmed by the ease in which a PDP consultant was able to gain access to the residence without being detected.

PDP devised and implemented an effective solution taking the lifestyle and sensitivities of the family members and staff into account. This led to a review of other attack risks outside the home along with a creation of a safe room and communication system that alerted authorities.

PDP has extensive experience managing the confidential and sensitive security needs of celebrities and wealthy individuals assuring them of comprehensive and integrated solutions that work.

GOVERNMENT : Confidential

PDP has worked with several government departments across 40 sensitive countries worldwide. All share a confidential and highly sensitive nature and we are not at liberty to reveal details.

However, as an approved provider of security solutions to the highest levels of security clearance, you can be assured that PDP has the knowledge, contacts and experience to deploy this expertise for your business.


This client was concerned that their Post Room represented a vulnerable area for staff and was subject to processing suspicious mail.

PDP designed and installed a blast resistant area in a secure area of the Post Room and implemented effective new procedures for vetting and processing suspicious packages.

ENERGY & OIL : Confidential

This client was involved in supporting the energy client with highly sensitive control room technologies and controls that would ensure the lights would stay on across the country.

They were concerned that the access arrangement for the Control Room were not robust enough and wished to upgrade their capability.

PDP designed and implemented an integrated solution creating secure zones, upgraded physical access control systems and a secure blast protection capability.

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