Business Sectors in which PDP Operates


Securing your business environment, stock and property is a critical requirement in any commercial organisation. PDP’s range of commercial security services covers buildings, staff and clients to ensure that your business operations can be run with confidence. For physical security and information security, we have the solutions and a proven delivery track record.


PDP helps clients to create safe places to shop and work. Behind the scenes we have the systems and experience to deliver solutions that protect staff, stock, control access, monitor operations and ultimately ensure brand reputation. This includes integrated systems for distribution hubs, warehouses and the on-line side of your retail business.

Distribution and Logistics

On an individual site or throughout a complete distribution network, PDP has expertise in providing security solutions to keep your supply chain moving. We can offer security systems to protect and monitor buildings, people access as well as security solutions for vehicles and mobile personnel.

Exclusive Residences

PDP works with a discerning and select group of high net worth individuals who wish to protect their homes, families and assets from intruders and threats. We take a holistic view assessing the potential and source of risk and devise appropriate solutions designed around the lifestyles of family members, not just when at home. So while this can take the format of securing and controlling access to authorised persons, through active and effective monitoring to the home, we can install safe rooms and other protection measures where they make sense. PDP works with individuals and exclusive residence developers to devise, implement, train and ensure that high net worth families receive the protection they deserve and need.


The financial sector not only has higher demands of physical security but also must take appropriate measures to safeguard data and electronic threats. More rigorous regulation adds demands for demonstrating secure processes. PDP can assist with all aspects of security for financial organisations.

Facilities and Property Management

If one of your main concerns is the maintenance and operation of physical premises then you will know how vital a well designed and implemented security system is. PDP comes into its own when tasked with providing security solutions for buildings and corporate property estates.

Border Security

Some of the most rigorous security systems must be relied on at borders and sensitive Government owned areas. PDP has designed and installed systems for clients and Governments worldwide and specialises in the project management of some of the most robust security installation measures available.


Over the years PDP has partnered with defence contractors and also directly with Government organisations as well as armed forces. With this experience and vital knowledge gathered from working in highly sensitive areas, we are regularly called on worldwide to advise on physical security installations by defence related organisations.

Public Sector

Security in the public sector needs to strike a balance between providing effective solutions to stakeholders and pressure on budgets from the public purse. PDP aligns itself to the standards required for public sector procurement. Being vendor independent we offer security solutions that meet the cost expectations of public sector organisations.

Airport / Transport

The security demands of the passenger transport industry have heightened considerably in recent years with increased safety standards and anti-terrorism considerations. PDP has a proven track record of delivering physical and electronic security systems in the transport sector. You may wish to visit our specialist website:


With considerable property estates and areas sensitive to commercial interest and terrorist threat, today’s utility companies have far reaching security requirements. PDP can advise on integrated multi-site security systems as well as one off installations.

Oil and Gas

Emerging worldwide threats require constant review of security strategies in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries. Using the latest technologies, methods and strategies, PDP is on hand to help mitigate and prevent the impact of security threats to oil and gas infrastructure, teams and assets.

Stadia and Sporting Events

PDP helps stadiums and event organisers to manage their responsibilities of security and safety without impacting on the guest experience. We can install individual security features such as electronic turnstiles or bring together wider systems such as CCTV, fire detection, access control and intruder alarms to provide integrated monitoring and control room solutions.


Organisations that manage bars, clubs, restaurants, theatres and sports centres require discreet security to guarantee the safety of everyone who visits whist protecting property and business operations. PDP can bring together the very latest in access and monitoring technology to provide security options at all levels.

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