Experienced security consultants providing the highest levels of security and protection globally


Reviews, reports, advice and compliance on; physical security at client locations, security policy, information security, use of technology, security personnel, staff awareness and training.



Design and construction of security installations to the highest level of protection relating to; doors, windows, gates, barriers, panic rooms, armoured vehicles, ballistic protection, blast protection.



Supplier procurement and project management services for; access control systems, biometric authentication, CCTV, intrusion detection, system integration, control systems.



Unparalleled international experience allows PDP to offer; security audit & review, testing & monitoring, risk assessment, secure courier services, event security, procurement services.



Design & implementation of security training programmes and delivery of specialist training to individuals and small groups for; personal safely, security awareness, information security.


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Projects are security consultants who offer a unique blend of high quality security solutions designed to specific needs for clients in the commercial and government sectors.

Our security consultants offer everything you would expect from an organisation with global scope and the highest levels of honesty, integrity and trust. What makes us different is HOW we go about our business.

First, we are genuinely agnostic about the security solutions we recommend by ensuring that YOUR specific needs drive the right solution. Only when we truly understand your complete requirements can we recommend the right solution for you. Sometimes, that can mean not implementing a costly system if there is no effective way to affect or mitigate the risk of intruders or attack once installed.


only recommend solutions that will work for you and your situation and we are not tied to any particular hardware or software solution – even if they are the products that can make the most money for us!

Everything starts with our ‘free’ security review. This is a no-obligation half day review of your current security arrangements and allows one of the senior PDP security consultants to obtain a sufficiently deep understanding of your precise and specific concerns.

Sometimes, this can involve a Penetration Test to identify weaknesses and suggest priority areas for attention. In every case, we are always able to recommend some immediate steps to be taken that will enhance your security needs.

Alternatively, many clients bring us in at the start of a project. This always allows us to achieve significant savings by recommending appropriate solutions at the design stage which can help avoid more costly modifications when implementing after this stage.

If you like what we have to say and wish to discuss your needs, call now or send us a message. We will be delighted to hear from you and would aim to delight you too via our time-proven 6 step model to securing your future.

Your security is too important to be left a moment longer.


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